Keeping our community safe during COVID-19

A Guide for Parents

To keep us all safe we are:

  • Washing hands regularly for 20 seconds especially when we arrive at nursery
  • Using skin safe wipes to clean hands in between washes
  • Cleaning all surfaces and toys more regularly
  • Cleaning the toilets regularly
  • Staying in our class groups with our teachers and not mixing with other classes
  • Playing outside as much as we can

What can you do to help:

  • If your child is showing symptoms of COVID19 – a new persistent cough, high temperature or loss of taste/smell (this might be more obvious as a lack of appetite as young children would find it hard to explain) please do not bring them to nursery! Ring us and let us know and keep them at home to see if it is a normal childhood cough or cold. The self-isolation period is 14 days
  • Get a test – if anyone in the family is displaying symptoms, book a test. Inform us if there is a positive result.
  • Different classes are using separate entrances so please use the correct entrance. If you have more than one child to drop off or pick up you will still need to use the separate entrances.
  • Only one parent to come into the nursery grounds, parents are not able to enter the nursery classrooms
  • If you are queuing to drop off or pick up keep your distance from other families
  • Please be on time You will be able to drop off between 8.40 and 9am or 12.40 and 1pm.
  • If you need to come into nursery at a different time, ring first to make an appointment
  • Only one family can enter reception at one time, please wait outside
  • Parents do not need to wear a mask to drop off/pick up but if you are coming into reception for a meeting or to make a payment please wear a mask (please note that payments can be made via internet banking)
  • Let us know if you have used public transport to come to nursery
  • Encourage your child not to bring items from home, including teddies, blankets unless really necessary (discuss this with your teacher or key person)

It is really important that your child feels happy at nursery and has lots of opportunities to learn and develop and also your family feels safe and secure that we have taken all reasonable steps to protect the children, staff and families. Together we can achieve this – thank you for your support!

Headteacher: Catherine Tasker
Address: Whitegate Nursery School & Early Years Care, Victoria Road, Padiham, Lancashire, BB12 8TG
Telephone: 01282 772283
Email: office@whitegate.lancs.sch.uk

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