Characterisitics of Effective Learning

The characteristics of effective learning are a key element in the early year’s foundation stage. They detail the ways in which children should be learning from their environment, experiences and activities. Children up to the age of five should all be displaying the characteristics of effective learning every day.


Playing and Exploring

Children are encouraged to find out and explore. Children are curious and love to discover new things. They play with what they know and we encourage them to do this especially through role play. We encourage our children to show that they are willing to ‘have a go’. We support them to try new activities and take risks in their learning. Children who learn about risk taking when they are younger are less likely to take dangerous risks in adolescence.

Active Learning

This is all about children’s motivation. We want them to be involved and concentrate; this will be for short periods for our younger children but will develop to longer periods of intense focus as they get older. We support children to keep on trying even when it seems difficult. This helps them to become resilient and not afraid of failure. Our aim is to see our children enjoying achieving what they set out to do and we love to celebrate their success with them and hope you will do too.

Creating and Thinking Critically

Developing children’s thinking skills is a key focus of our curriculum. We want children to have their own ideas. Children have a wonderful way of looking at things and seeing the world around them. We encourage and support this by being play partners to them and sharing in their learning not always giving them the answer or our ideas. We hope that children will make links in their learning and use what they know to test out ideas and predict what happen. We encourage children to choose ways to do things.  We let them try out their ideas for themselves and support them to work out what might have gone wrong and think of a different approach.

It is important to consider the Characteristics of Effective learning as a valuable learning tool which supports children to learn through process over outcome.

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