The Hive Home Learning Activities

See below for a variety of activities to support your child’s learning at home.

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Christmas Home Learning 

Christmas will soon be upon us and we would love to provide some ideas for some exciting Christmas activities that you and your family could do together at home.






Here is a zip file full of ideas for Christmas Home Learning. Click the link (the image) to download it.

(Please note: This pack is for children ages 2-4 so some activities may not be accessible for your child)










Why dont you try making your own Christmas Tree from strips of paper. Decorate it with sequins, buttons and pom poms or even paint it!

 Click the image to the right of this text for a simple template.




Dont forget to write you letter to Father Christmas and put it in the post to the North Pole! 


Click the image to the right for a template.






The Snowy Day



Our new story this week is Ezra Jack Keets ‘The Snowy Day’ a story all about a small boys exploration of snow.

We love snow and wanted to find lots of different ways to explore it, from making our own snow, to painting ice and making representations of snow from the story.

Click the link on the right to watch a read aloud animated version of the story or if you have Amazon Prime Video you can access a beautiful animated adaptation too!







Why dont you try The Snowy Day game on Ezra Jack Keats website!

Catch the snowflakes with Peter!


Click the image to the right to give it a try!



We explored melting ice use spray bottles filled with salty warm water.

This also helps our dexterity and fine motor coordination.

Our Nursery Elf managed to get himself stuck in the ice and we used our own ideas for which tools would be best to rescue him!

We froze some of our sea animals in the ice and guessed who might be trapped inside.



Create your very own Snowy Day picture using cotton buds, cotton wool and white paint. Add you very own Peter to your picture, sliding down the snow drifts, making a snowman or making footprints in the snow.



Make your very own sparkly cloud dough and explore making snowballs and snowmen. What could you use to add buttons and his nose?




Wc 9th November 2020





Our new story this week is Ernest – the Moose who wouldnt fit. This is a wonderful story about a rather large and rather unhappy moose called Ernest who couldnt find a page in which he could fit. But along came his little friend with a BIG idea!


Click the link on the right to watch the story being read.






Wc 16th October 2020

Shark in the park on a windy day

Our new story this week is Shark in the park on a windy day. We will be looking at lots of opportunities to explore the weather and in particular, wind and how it can affect things around us, making them move. Try some of the activities below to consolidate your child’s learning at home.



Great Rhymers Make Great Readers

Rhymes help children feel confident with words and will also help them as they begin to learn. Sharing rhymes is also a fun way to build a loving relationship with your child. Click the link below and join in with these nursery songs and rhymes sung by Cat Sandion of CBeebies.



Wc 5th October 2020






Our new story in the Hive is One Mole Digging a Hole and I will adding home learning challenges likes to this story for you to support and consolidate your child’s learning at home. Don’t forget to send us your photos so we can add them to our home learning page!





We have been using Numberblocks to help us consolidate our learning. Access to episodes on numbers 1 to 5 are available on BBC iplayer. Click the image to the left to access these at home. 




Here is access to the Numberblocks app for tablets or mobile devices. Click the image to left to access and download.




Access to the Numberblocks Make and Play games is jsut a click away on the image to the left.




Covid 19 Home Learning activities
















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