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‘Dough Disco’ is an intervention designed by Shonnette Bason-Wood that we use to support children’s fine motor development, grip strength and coordination to help them build the skills they need to become a confident writer.


Dough Disco‘ is a fun activity for the children which combines the use of playdough with a series of hand and finger exercises designed to improve fine muscle control. The movements develop children’s fine and gross motor dexterity, hand-eye coordination and self-esteem.


Below is a quick  and easy recipe you can use for you ‘Dough Disco’ activities at home. Jazz up your playdough by adding colour, aroma (using scented oils) and texture e.g. glitter to make it even more exciting! (click the picture below to expand the image)


Spread the happiness TV on Youtube has lots of ideas from the founder of ‘Dough Disco’ that you can use at home.


Spread The Happiness TV link


If you’d like to know more about ‘Dough Disco’ initiative please visit the Spread The Happiness website below.


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