The Den

Story Starters – Parent information 

In The Den we read a story at the end of the session every day. We choose our stories carefully and we read the same story for two weeks so that the children become really familiar with it. The children are encouraged to help to turn the pages, to look at the pictures and point to different characters or objects and to talk about what they see. We also have a go at little activities linked to the story such as sorting objects, creating patterns and investigating sensory materials. The aim of our story time is to encourage the children to sit and listen in a small group for a short period of time and to foster a love of stories!

Each half term we send home an information sheet to tell you what stories we are reading and the different kinds of activities that we will be doing in story time and in our general classroom activity.

Click below to see the parent information sheets.

Headteacher: Catherine Tasker
Address: Whitegate Nursery School & Early Years Care, Victoria Road, Padiham, Lancashire, BB12 8TG
Telephone: 01282 772283
Email: office@whitegate.lancs.sch.uk

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