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Working Towards Independence


Playing can be a very messy business – please dress your child in clothes that are appropriate for their session.

We have a large range of messy and sensory experiences on offer for our children on a daily basis, so it’s very important that your child is in comfortable clothing that they can get messy. It is helpful if your child brings a bag with spare clothes so that they can get changed if they are dirty or wet.

Children do wear aprons, but accidents can happen!

Learning outdoors plays an important part in early learning. Only very wet weather keeps us indoors. We provide all-in-one suits and wellington boots for every child to wear when they choose to play outside.

Your child will need a clearly labelled, suitable bag (not a carrier bag) with a number of changes of clothes in  (all appropriate for messy play).

It would be useful if you could encourage your children to start to dress and undress…even though it will take a little longer (especially taking off and putting on shoes – laces are very tricky whereas velcro is more manageable). We are always available to help.

On sunny days, your child might need suncream. If they are only attending for a morning or afternoon session then you can apply this before they arrive. If your child is attending all day then we ask that you send in a bottle of suncream so that we can reapply it mid-day. We do have a selection of sunhats for your child to wear while playing outside – however they may prefer to bring their own.

We do have a minimal supply of ‘spare’ clothes so if your child needs to be changed for any reason and comes home in nursery clothes, we would appreciate them being returned as soon as possible.

Nappies and Toilet Training

We are here to support you with toilet training. If your child is not yet ready and needs nappies, please send a small supply of nappies and a packet of wipes in their bag so that we can ensure that they are changed during the session. If you would like us to apply nappy cream we will need to keep that safely out of reach of children so we ask that you let your key person know.

Gradually our two-year-olds will begin to show awareness of how to use the toilet. We will support you and your child during this process to establish our shared vision between parent and keyperson.  We aim to ensure a calm and encouraging approach to minimise stress being brought upon you or your child during this period.

Headteacher: Catherine Tasker
Address: Whitegate Nursery School & Early Years Care, Victoria Road, Padiham, Lancashire, BB12 8TG
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